The Ranked City

Pittsburgh shocked the world when it was ranked as the most livable city in Places Rated Almanac in 1985. Pittsburgh shocked the world again when it was selected to host the G9 Summit in 2009. Why? Because many people imagined Pittsburgh as a smoky, industrialized city but they were wrong. Since the 1980's Pittsburgh, foundations, institutions, and businesses have been preparing the city for the future with significant investments in medicine and technology. Change takes a long time to come to fruition and Pittsburgh is currently in the midst of seeing all of the years of hard work pay off with expanding universities and national recognition for its medical and technology hubs. With near weekly announcements from sports to travel to business publications, Pittsburgh is at the top or near the top of numerous rankings. The word is finally getting out to the world that Pittsburgh is a gem and hopefully more of you will be able to see what a gem looks like.