Ready for a Dynamic 2018

As the temperatures eventually rise and rainy/snowy weather gives way to bright Spring flowers and sunny Summer weather, 7521 Photography will be out in the community and neighborhoods taking photos for clients and just for fun to share with you.

2017 was a great year for me to spread my wings and capture photos of urban planning principles, community events, children educational/play spaces, and soon-to-be the Pittsburgh region's first and only bakery incubator. Each project reminded me why I enjoy urban planning and photography so much.

As a planner, I know how many hours of planning, designing, holding public meetings, gaining approvals, and construction are needed to make a location photographable. It feels great photographing a building or streetscape that exemplifies good design and a place that the community values. It is even better to capture these scenes and principles for organizations and communities to use to continue urban investment and revitalization.


As a photographer, I loved catching those moments where kids were being kids and a community came together to enjoy each other's company. We must not take those moments for granted because those moments sadly do not happen enough and our memories fade over time.

So when you see me out in the community taking photos, know it's more than just a digital image, it's a tool that's helping to create positive change in a location and community near you. As always, feel free to reach out to 7521 Photography if you have a project or event that would benefit from 7521 Photography's photographic services.


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