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Happy New Year! Realizing it's the start of a new year is always slow to sink in because to me it's just another day. However when I jump over the idea that dates are just numbers, it hits me that this is a new year full of new possibilities and opportunities that are waiting to reveal themselves to me at the right time. When reflecting on the amazing year I had in 2016, it only further allows me to look forward to what this new year has planned for me. 2016 was not only notable for the places I got to travel to, it's the year I launched 7521 Photography! Taking the leap and designing a website that reflects my passion for the built environment to share with you has been incredibly exciting and gratifying.

This year I want to continue on this path and go further than I ever have before in offering views of new sites and scenery ranging from Pittsburgh to wherever my work will take me. I'm looking forward to partnering with those who are working hard to revitalize their communities and share it with the world. The fruits of hard work don't always come quickly but it helps when you have an advocate on your side, sharing your work with those near and far and planting the seeds for future fruits. Never hesitate to drop me a message with any questions or comments that you may have! Here's to a rewarding, impactful 2017.