7521 Photography - What's in a Name


I've been taking pictures since I was a little kid, using the disposable film cameras on school field trips, but it's been only within the last few years that I've become more of a photographer looking for a deeper meaning into the places I photograph. If I would have created this website when I was younger I probably would have named it something silly like Bugs Bunny Photo Center only to regret my choice later down the road. Fortunately, I am now older, smarter, and wise enough to know that naming the website for my photography holds enormous weight.

After reflecting on my journey in life so far, it became quite easy on what to name this website. 7521 may seem like a random sequence of numbers to you but for me it was a set of numbers that I saw everyday when I got off the school bus. It was a set of white painted numbers on a black box that I would open everyday to pull out the mail. It is a set of numbers that remind me of where I come from.

Growing up on a farm taught me a few things: do your work right the first time, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and always have appreciation for the land. Those pieces of wisdom are definitely compatible with photography. Put in the work before visiting a location. Your time is valuable. Mother Nature dictates what kind of shots are taken and the mood that is evoked. The land in this world is finite; every part of it is precious. A photographer should treat it with respect and dignity.

So what's in a name? Wisdom, reflection, values, and motivation to name a few.
That's 7521 photography.
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