Community Focused Photography

7521 Photography


Positive Change Needs to be Captured.


Photography is a powerful tool in creating positive change in our cities and communities. It only takes one look at a photo to send a message to the viewer. From capturing landscapes to streetscapes or developments to urban farms, it's the mission of 7521 Photography to capture the energy of spaces through community focused photography to spur viewers into action and build upon the positive change that is occurring in neighborhoods and communities around the world.


Finding All of the Right Angles

Working with partners are key to ensuring 7521 Photography captures photos that are needed to advance their work. Seeing a project through their lens allows better photos to be taken to match their needs. The best angle for a public relations photo may not be the best angle for a site photo. Understanding these needs before the photo shoot streamlines the process and allows the right shots to be taken. Take a look and see for yourself.

southpointe website photo.jpg

Go Beyond the Lens

It's easy to see a photo on social media and swipe past it. However, every photograph has a story and meaning to it. Take a break from swiping and dig deeper to discover that story.


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It's as easy as that. Let's start a conversation today on how 7521 Photography can partner with you to capture positive change in your community.